Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer is quickly coming to an end.. How fast it has gone. I can't believe that it is already August. We have been busy, not doing anything exciting. Alot of baseball which I miss already.. Landon is quite the ball player and is so fun to watch. His rec team, the Red Sox won the minor championshsip. Kole didn't want to go to his last 2 t-ball games telling me "I am so over it, mom". He couldn't understand why when he hit it over 2nd base man why he had to stop at first base. That to him was no fun. Not to mention when he tried to make a play most of the other kids were picking grass or throwing their gloves in the air. It was classic.
The twins were finally pottytrained in the middle of May. 2 weeks before they turned 3.. Halleluja!!! We do not miss changing diapers. I think all it took was Tori ordering the pottytraining video(it took 4-6 weeks to recieve). They were pottytrained about 5 weeks when the video came in the mail.. I gave the video to a client who was very grateful to try it out on her little girl.

funny things my kids have said: Landon "mom, I thought you said there was no way we would be playing in the championship game, thanks for thinking that. I guess you were wrong."

Kole "I am running away, no one loves me, it is hard to be me, and no one understands that."

Hadley " Mom, you put me potty" "Haiden is being naughty naughty, mom, you put him in yous bed".

Haiden " I had a big one poop, it is like a snake!! (then he laughs and claps his hands and says ha ha)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

4 months later

Okay so alot has happened in 4 months. Husband emergency appendectomy, not fun:( Alot of sports for Landon competetive basketball and now superleauge baseball. I love watching the sports. He is such a good little athlete and he has great little team mates. Along with great parents and friends we have made. Kole just loved kindergarten and was so excited the last day of school when he came home and said " mom I get to go 1st grade". He had such a big smile. He is also playing t-ball pretty painful to watch. But I have a feeling he is going to be a power hitter just like his big brother. The twins turned 3!! Fun and sad all at the same time. They had fun getting new bikes and some cute birthday cakes made from their aunt Tori. They also are now pottytrained, miracles never fail to amaze me. No more diapers AmAzIng!!! I feel so lucky to have such a fun family. We had some family pictures taken which I do not know how to post so you can log onto to view. That was an experience trying to get everyone to behave. And now Summer is here so we are ready to make new memories!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where is summer?

I must say the kids are starting to get alittle stir crazy. Me too!!! Landon was out cleaning off the basketball court this morning, ready to shoot hoops outside. Always the question of "why can't we have a basketball court in our house?" Hadley is fascinated by the birds that are starting to land on the trees in the backyard. Haiden asks constantly for jeep and scooter rides. I must say I am ready for spring. Baseball and soccer games, bike races, jeep rides, bearlake and smores by the firepit!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 10th birthday Landon!!

Happy 10th Birthday to my great son Landon:) He had a great day skiing with his dad, playing in his basketball game(thanks to my dad, the dennings, the halls and andersens for supporting him there), dinner with the hansens and then enjoying the Aggie game with the williams!! Landon is such a good boy we have been so blessed to have him in our family!! He is still a mamas boy and I love that he will still come and snuggle with me and he tells me he loves me all the time. I know that his brothers and sister love when he is around. Happy birthday bud we can't wait to see what happiness this year will bring.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Belated birthday Kolle-J

Happy Belated birthday to Kolle-J!!! He just turned 6 on Jan 9th. Although he wasn't due until Feb(get ready Tori,Pamela could come at any time;). Kole is such a spunky little thing very different than his older brother Landon. I always joke that Heavenly Father sent Kole before the twins so that the twins wouldn't seem so hard. I am really grateful he is apart of our family even though sitting at the kitchen bar the other day he said" I don't really feel like I am apart of this family." He also stated on Friday that "It isn't any funner turning six than when he was 5." Don't you feel bad for him? I wonder if there is a middle child syndrome when your #2 out of #4? I think he is kindof picked on. He has about every Wii game, skies every weekend and gets to sleep in whenever it is possible. I am ready to go back to being 6. Well,Kole we love you very much and had a great time cosmic bowling with you on your Big day!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucky girl with 4 kids!!!

Very happy to say that I have been blessed to be the proud mom of 4 beautiful children. Over the last week I had a life changing operation. No, I did not have a vasectomy as my husband so kindly told the Beaver Mtn. Ski Patrolers at the annual dinner the other night. Nor did I get breast enhancements or boobs as one of my clients so kindly asked. "um, what kindof surgery are you having if you can't cut hair for 3 weeks? Are you getting boobs?" Probablly NO!! I am too cheap for those of you who know me. Plus I spend only $$$ on my favorite jeans and shoes... Which neither by the way since my surgery are fitting very good. I am pretty sure my stomach sticks out further now than it did after my c-section with the twins. Or maybe its just because my twins were more rewarding than a cathader and a worn out uterus!!! I am just so grateful that I was able to have 4 kids in 7 years when the doctors told me I would have a hard time having any. That darn endometriosous..
I just want to thank my awesome family(sisters)awesome babysiters and helpers, sister in-laws Jill and Jan for dinners, and of course my great friends Emily and Erica for flowers, lunch and dinner. I also had many clients and neighbors bring things by. I feel like a very lucky girl. And after my doctors appointment today(too my suprise pants still fitting tight) I actually weigh less than I thought:) Anyway the eliptical and Brian will have to wait 5 more weeks sorry guys, but my doctor said I am healing GREAT!!! Thanks again to all!!!